Campus Gym & Fitness Center

Campus Gym & Fitness Center

Customer: University of Alabama
Integrator: AVISPL Georgia
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

To further support its students in their sports and physical achievements, the University of Alabama has renovated and expanded its sports facilities. One of the focus of the renovation was the weight room, which was expanded from 21,000 sq.ft. to a high-tech 37,000 sq.ft. facility, and where a state-of-the-art audiovisual system was installed to offer students a rewarding and pleasant environment during workouts. Single portrait monitors – Primeview’s 70” LED displays, with embedded HDBaseT – were installed throughout the facility. HDBaseT simplified installation and reduced the complexity of running long cable throughout the rooms.


  • HDBaseT-Embedded 70” LED displays (PRV70WRCHDBT)
  • Smart Mounts

Why HDBaseT:

  • Ability to use one standard Cat cable per display
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Distance