Car Flagship Store

Car Flagship Store

Customer: Ferrari
Integrator: Sangalli Tecnologie SRL
Location: Milan, Italy

Ferrari’s newest flagship store is situated in Milan, Italy, and spreads out over 750 sq. m. To create a luxury atmosphere, Sangalli Tecnologie opted to install a unique interactive video wall, with a Kinect system and numerous multisensory positions, design to entertain customers, in addition to simulators that can be used by any visitor. To do so, Sangalli deployed simulators to provide customers with the real driving experience. To guarantee top performance, HDBaseT extenders were placed beyond each display, accounting for the large distances in the display.

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  • Lightware DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX95 and HDMI-TPS-TX95 HDBaseT extenders
  • Lightware MX8x8DVI-HDCP-Pro standalone 8 in 8 out DVI router

Why HDBaseT:

  • Ability to deliver content over long distances
  • Elegant solution did not compromise ‘clean’ look expected from showroom.