What is the HDBaseT Alliance?

The HDBaseT Alliance is a cross-industry organization formed to promote and advance HDBaseT technology for the distribution of uncompressed ultra-high-definition multimedia content. The Alliance was founded in 2010, and counts today with more than 200 members, including the leading companies in the audiovisual, automotive, industrial PC and consumer sectors.  The Board of Directors of the Alliance is comprised of representatives of LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens.

What does the HDBaseT Alliance do?

The Alliance and its cross-industry member companies are working openly to promote and advance the HDBaseT standard for advanced digital media distribution. The Alliance’s standardization activities cover the entire value chain of the digital media ecosystem within several industry segments.  The HDBaseT Alliance presents an optimized solution to minimize the challenges associated with ultra-high-definition, uncompressed transmission of digital content.

Who are the members of the Alliance?

Alliance members include leading manufacturers of pro-AV, automotive, industrial PC, and consumer electronics, content providers, and other companies involved in the segment of multimedia content distribution. By early 2018, the Alliance counted with more than 200 members, and this number keeps growing.  To see a full list of members, click here.

Who must join the Alliance?

Any company involved in manufacturing HDBaseT equipment, selling its own brand, and/or OEM-ing HDBaseT-enabled products must become a member of the Alliance. In addition, any company using the HDBaseT trademark on its website, marketing collaterals, or in any other way, must be a member of the Alliance. Our goal is to guarantee the integrity of the standard and reinforce the power of the HDBaseT brand. For more clarification, please contact the Alliance’s offices at admin@hdbaset.org.

Do members contribute towards future specification development?

Yes, the goal of the HDBaseT Alliance is to offer opportunities for members to take an active role in future versions and use cases, shaping and defining the specifications for HDBaseT technology, to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace. All HDBaseT Contributor and Promoter members are eligible to participate in Alliance working groups and committees, and as such, assist in defining the next generation of HDBaseT standards.

How can my company join the HDBaseT Alliance? What are the benefits of joining?

Members of the Alliance play a pivotal role in defining the future of multimedia transmission and data communication in a variety of industries. We appreciate our members’ time and rely on their intellectual contributions in driving the development of quality HDBaseT specifications.

The HDBaseT Alliance offers three membership levels: Promoter, Contributor and Adopter.

Review our Membership page to learn more.

Are we allowed to use the HDBaseT standard specification version number on HDBaseT products and collaterals?

No. Any reference to HDBaseT specification version number on any HDBaseT product or collateral is not allowed.  To get more information on the correct usage of the brand, and the logo, contact our offices at admin@hdbaset.org.


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