Is there a certification program for Cables?

HDBaseT was designed to work with the simplest infrastructure available – category 5e (or higher) cables. However, to help installers, integrators and consumers select the cables that meet the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) requirements, and as such provide optimal HDBaseT performance, the Alliance has partnered with UL LLC to offer the HDBaseT Recommended Cable Program and the Certification Program for Power over HDBaseT (PoH) Cables. Click here to learn more about each program and for a list of recommended and certified cables.

What does the HDBaseT logo indicate when placed on a product?

The HDBaseT logo indicates the product has been certified by the HDBaseT Alliance. It is the Alliance’s priority to encourage its members to submit their products for testing and certification, and to educate the professional installer community to look for the HDBaseT logo.

What is the HDBaseT Product Certification Program?

The Certification Program provides members with a framework to ensure their products are compliant and part of an established product ecosystem. This is an important milestone for the Alliance in promoting industry-wide adoption of HDBaseT technology for whole-home and commercial multimedia content distribution. The certification Program also assists installers and integrators in determining interoperability of different HDBaseT products.

Are there certified devices available?

Yes. The first HDBaseT-certified products were announced in 2011, and since then hundreds of products have been certified. Certified products undergo thorough testing based on the HDBaseT Certification Testing Specification (CTS), according to the HDBaseT generation the product supports (Spec 1.0 and 2.0).

How can I tell if a product has been certified?

Check the HDBaseT Alliance Certified Product List, or the mobile app.

Are all HDBaseT-certified products interoperable with other HDBaseT-certified products?

No. HDBaseT products are certified for the features they support according to the HDBaseT standard, but not all HDBaseT products support all 5Play features. In addition, there may be interoperability issues not related to HDBaseT that may affect operation. Manufacturers may implement proprietary features not related to HDBaseT that may interfere with interoperability in general. For more information, please see the Certified Product List. HDBaseT is an important part of the solution, but it is a portion of the larger whole. Installers and integrators should also check the products’ datasheets and technical materials for more information.

What does the HDBaseT App offer?

The HDBaseT App, available both on the App Store and Google Play, provides you with a convenient tool to check which features each HDBaseT product is certified for, and to match it with other products according to your needs. The App is free to download, offers extensive search capabilities, and is constantly updated with the latest certified HDBaseT products.

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