What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT technology enables the optimized delivery of uncompressed, ultra-high-definition digital media, and allows you to connect all entertainment and content devices throughout our connected lives.  The cornerstone of HDBaseT is the 5Play feature set:  uncompressed ultra-high-definition digital video & audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, several control signals, USB 2.0, and up to 100W of power (through Power over HDBaseT – POH), all over a single cable.

How is HDBaseT technology different than other multimedia content transmission technologies?

Unlike other HD distribution technologies currently available, HDBaseT is the only technology that enables long-reach wired connectivity for up to 100 meters (328 feet) for uncompressed ultra-HD multimedia content and up to 100 watts of charging power via a single cable. HDBaseT is optimized for video applications and can connect all HDBaseT-enabled home entertainment devices by providing 5Play convergence. Other existing solutions may require a specific cable and/or new proprietary connectors while HDBaseT utilizes existing Ethernet infrastructure.

What type of cable is used for HDBaseT?

For audiovisual, industrial and consumer applications, HDBaseT is designed to work with both LAN infrastructure (CatX cables) and fiber optics.  HDBaseT over LAN cables allows for transmissions of up to 100m/328ft, with near-zero latency and no compromise on performance.  It also allows for several hops of 100m/328ft for even longer distances.

HDBaseT over fiber optics enables much longer transmissions (from several hundred meters to several kilometers), either over multi-mode fiber (MMF) or single-mode fiber (SMF), allowing for greater infrastructure flexibility.

What are the different segments targeted by HDBaseT?

HDBaseT is suitable to be used whenever the transmission of ultra-high-definition multimedia content is desirable.  As such, there are many sectors that benefit from the technology.  At the moment, the Alliance is promoting HDBaseT for the following segments: Audiovisual, Automotive, Industrial PC, and Consumer.

What is HDBaseT-IP?

HDBaseT-IP: Think Outside the Room

HDBaseT-IP continues the legacy of the HDBaseT standard, with added support for a new physical layer (PHY) based on Ethernet/IP. HDBaseT-IP seamlessly and easily extends HDBaseT from in-room to cross-campus applications, and leverages existing pro-AV installations and interfaces to achieve end-to-end system optimization and reduced total cost of ownership.
HDBaseT-IP guarantees standardized performance and quality with unprecedented modularity and breadth of scope, supporting 10G and with future support for lower speed infrastructures.
Optimized cross-layer transmission is guaranteed for ultimate interoperability, efficiency, and unparalleled flexibility, with no discernible impact on quality and performance. HDBaseT-IP continues to expand the possibilities of AV connectivity by offering the highest quality solution for video transmission over the simplest infrastructure.

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