About the HDBaseT Alliance

Founded in 2010 by LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures, and Valens,
the HDBaseT Alliance is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the standardization
and promotion of HDBaseT technology. Through our collaborative work groups, exclusive committees,
and premier events, together we are shaping the future of long-distance multimedia connectivity.​​

Today, our membership proudly numbers over 200 of the leading manufacturers,
software developers, and service providers in the professional audio-video market.​

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Contributing to HDBaseT technology and promotion of the Alliance is a core strategic aim within our company; allowing us to create pioneering solutions for our customers.

As a prominent member of the Alliance, Key Digital is a strong supporter and promoter of Emmy award-winning HDBaseT for its interoperability, increased flexibility, and reliability.

We as suppliers in this industry need to make sure that our technologies are evolving to give the customers that have invested in the platforms a clean migration strategy to make sure that their investments are protected, and that’s something that we work really hard to do, and with the help of HDBaseT, it’s an extremely important thing that we do that.

It’s an tremendous technology. We’ve been with them since the beginning. We have a full line of HDBaseT solutions. It is the fundamental signal transport solution for the industry when you’re going beyond a certain distance.

Atlona is proud to be a member of the HDBaseT Alliance, and provide solid, reliable, and transparent solutions trusted by our customers.

We build our reputation on making reliable, high quality products. HDBaseT has proven to be an excellent recipe for success for us to achieve reliability and trustworthiness.

As an early adopter of HDBaseT and Alliance member, CYP Europe are proud to work with HDBaseT to deliver a wide range of solutions to AV professionals. Our continued success goes hand-in-hand with HDBaseT and the Alliance.

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