What is HDBaseT Technology?

HDBaseT is the professional AV industry’s leading long-range multimedia distribution technology, enabling the extension of signal up to 100m/328ft. over standard Category cable.

The Power of HDBaseT


HDBaseT is the only technology with the ability to distribute truly uncompressed ultra-high-definition A/V for distances of up to 100m/328ft., either point-to-point or daisy-chained, and with zero latency.​


HDBaseT’s signature 5Play solution facilitates the simultaneous distribution of uncompressed ultra-high-definition A/V, USB 2.0, Ethernet, control, and power, over a single Category cable for distances up to 100m/328ft..​


HDBaseT’s plug-and-play technology is designed to eliminate cable clutter, and help lower costs, by facilitating streamlined point-to-point installations over standard, field-terminated, Category cable.​


The HDBaseT’ standard ensures that any two HDBaseT supported devices, regardless of manufacturer, will work at the highest possible version of their shared feature set, thus leading to more choice for installers and end users.

HDBaseT Standard Specifications

Since its introduction in 2010, HDBaseT has revolutionized the professional AV market, spearheading innovation with each new version of its award-winning technology. Based on a commitment to interoperability, each new version is backwards compatible, ensuring any two HDBaseT devices will work at their highest common feature set.


The initial specification of the standard, HDBaseT 1.0’s 5Play feature set offers long-range extension of UHD audio, video, 100 Mbps Ethernet, control, and 100 watts power over a single Category cable.  Although Spec 1.0 requires a minimum compatible cable type of Cat5e, Cat6 is recommended with signal distance support varying based on cable type: 1080p to 100m/328 ft. over Cat5e and up, 4K up to 70m/230 ft. over Cat5e and up (100m/328ft. for select Cat6a).


Released in 2013, HDBaseT 2.0 built on the breakthrough success of its predecessor by increasing distance capabilities of UHD 4K@30 4:4:4/4K@60 4:2:0 to 100m/328ft over Cat6 (90m/295ft. over Cat5e).  USB 2.0 extension support was added to 5Play as part of the rebooted version, resulting in a more robust and interactive feature set.  In addition to signal distribution over Category cable, Spec 2.0 also supports optical fiber as an additional option for longer distances.


Making its debut in 2019, HDBaseT 3.0 is the most advanced and feature-rich generation of HDBaseT yet. Thanks to a doubling of its uncompressed data rate, HDBaseT 3.0 is the only technology to allow for the extension of fully uncompressed 4K@60 4:4:4 up to 100m/328ft. Additionally, its Ethernet capabilities were expanded from 100 Mbps to a full-duplex Gigabit. HDBaseT 3.0 recommends Category 6a U/FTP in order to recognize its full capabilities and potential.​

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