Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Customer: The Gandini-Massironi Dental Studio
Integrator: Omnimedia Group Italy
Location: Melegnano, Italy

State-of-the-art dental clinic for aesthetic prosthesis utilizes microscope, cameras and video to better serve their patients and to conduct training courses to dentistry students. Audio-video distribution system comprised of 11 displays, seven camcorders, two analog and digital sources and video interpolation and transcoding for HDTV signals, over three floors. All equipment is managed by a central 16X16 HDBaseT matrix, allowing for the distribution of audio, video, IR signals and RS232. The matrix connects through Cat5e cable to sources and displays, which are placed several meters away from each other. HDBaseT extenders were installed in the back of the displays to convert the signal into HDMI. Overall control is achieved through a simple software installed in a 10” tablet.

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  • Atlona AT-PRO2HD1616M HDBaseT Matrix
  • Atlona AT-PRO2HDREC HDBaseT-HDMI Extenders
  • Atlona AT-PRO2HD1616M-RX HDMI Extenders
  • Atlona AT-HDRX IR HDBaseT Receiver with IR
  • Panasonic 42” and 65” displays
  • Hitachi 37” display
  • Panasonic Camcorder
  • Sony Camcorders

Why HDBaseT:

  • Long distances, with high-definition video quality
  • Ability to handle several sources of noise, such as electrical motors and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Future-readiness and ease of upgradeability