Fast Food Restaurant

Fast Food Restaurant

Customer: Fortune 500 company
Location: USA

Customer’s needs demanded a rugged, heat–resistant solution to extend digital A/V media reliably using HDBaseT technology from a computer located inside the proprietor’s venue to an interactive display located outside the venue in the drive-thru lane bearing variant temperatures (extreme cold, heat and humidity). An HDCP-compliant extender was needed to run up to 100 meters (330 feet) over Cat6 delivering crystal clear audio and video to the GDS display located at the drive-thru store.

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  • KanexPro HDBASE100ME extender

Why HDBaseT:

  • HDBaseT was the only solution that could run the data with no latency for up to 330ft, over Cat6 cable, and cope with the extreme weather conditions
    With Ethernet ports and RS-232 control, the Fortune 500 Company was able to install the solution with no problem