Home Office

Home Office

Customer: Home Owner, Financial Executive
Location: Franklin Lake, NJ, USA
Installer: FieldTrees Design Group

Upgrade of an unused room in a residential property into a modern and functional home office, featuring all the AV functionalities the financial executive and homeowner enjoys in his regular office. Video wall consisting of four flat panel displays, which can produce four separate, simultaneous imageor integrated as one, single giant 80” full HD monitor, from up to six integrated media sources, with full switching control of all inputs and outputs from a central control point.

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  • WyreStorm MX-0606-PP HDBaseT Matrix
  • WyreStorm RX-70-IR-PP 70m/230ft HDBaseT display receiver
  • Samsung 400UX-3 LFT 1080p Monitors
  • Video sources: Samsung cable boxes, AppleTV, Dell Computer, Skype video camera
  • RTI-XP6 Control Processor
  • Apple ipad control touch panel
  • Onkyo TX-NR809 Surround Receiver

Why HDBaseT:

  • High-definition video transmission and switching, with no latency and no compression
  • Ability to place sources in basement
  • Easy to use and control
  • Future proof