Superior Cargo Service with HDBaseT

Superior Cargo Service with HDBaseT

Customer: Scandinavian Cargo Service Provider
Location: Scandinavia
Installer: FITE

Details:  A Scandinavian airport cargo service supplier needed a surveillance center with quick response times to facilitate the swift and accurate sorting of goods to the right transport hubs. The transportation processes, which are tracked on several videowalls, required mass signal distribution, interface flexibility, central control, and high quality transmission over the long distances between the airport’s cargo hall, control room, server room and meeting room.

ATEN’s HDBaseT modular matrix switch provided the optimal solution. Fitted with HDBaseT input and output boards, along with HDBaseT receivers, ATEN’s matrix switch enables: 1080p signal transmission to a multitude of sources and screens; seamless switching for continuous video streams, real-time switching and stable signal transmissions; videowall functionality (configurable video wall profiles); bi-directional RS-232, infrared support; and long-distance transmission of ultra-high-definition 4K video through simple Cat cables.


  • VM3200 Modular matrix switch with videowall function
  • VM7514 HDBaseT Input board
  • VM8514 HDBaseT Output board
  • VE805R HDBaseT Receiver with videowall and scaler function
  • Additional ATEN Equipment

Why HDBaseT:

  • Videowall functionality / flexibility
  • 4K Ultra-high-definition video quality
  • Ultimate flexibility with multiple types of in /output interfaces
  • Long distances, simple cabling