Underwater Broadcasting

Underwater Broadcasting

Customer: Eilat-Red Sea International Underwater Photo Competition
Location: Red Sea, Eilat

Live broadcast with a smartphone through YouTube of large group dive to set up a new Guinness World Record: “Most Viewers of a Live Shipwreck Dive.” Live images were broadcast from the sea bed to a boat on the surface, and from there onwards. Challenges involved transmitting from a depth of 20 meters, which involved a cable three times as long; connection of proper cabling to smartphone and transmission equipment; cameras and equipment battery life; high-definition broadcasting; harsh underwater environment. HDBaseT enabled the transmission over 60m of Cat6 cable, from a smartphone to a boat on the surface.

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  • HDBaseT extenders in water- and pressure-proof chambers provided by Valens

Why HDBaseT:

  • Ability to transmit over 60m
  • Resiliency and flexibility of LAN cable was able to handle the choppy waters and rough environment
  • Easy field-termination of LAN cable facilitated the water- and pressure-proofing of the equipment
  • LAN cable can also be connected to smartphones
  • Powering of equipment, eliminating battery life issues during live transmission