Modernizing History with HDBaseT


The Visitor Center at Fort Davis National Park was established to educate the public about the role of this military post, active from 1854-1891. A new AV system was needed in its theater to allow park staff and volunteers to play the park movie from a BrightSign player. Other AV sources, such as laptops with VGA and HDMI outputs, are also used occasionally. The switcher/scaler needed to feed and extend to a ceiling mounted DLP projector. It also needed to connect a stereo audio amplifier via unbalanced audio to two loudspeakers mounted either side of the screen. The KanexPro HDBaseT Presentation Switcher & Scaler provided a reliable, easy-to-operate solution, allowing extension of uncompressed HDMI signals to the projector, guaranteeing top performance, reliability and ease of use at a competitive price.

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KanexPro HDSC12D HDBaseT Presentation Switcher & Scaler
KanexPro HDBASE70POER 4K compliant receiver
BrightSign Blu-Ray player for showcasing HD content/videos
DLP projector
Laptops with HDMI connections, PCs with VGA connections
Conferencing camera, Document camera