Collaborating Towards Better Learning


Technology-rich wet lab and collaborative learning spaces have replaced the traditional show- and-tell methods previously used to teach medical students about cell biology at the University of Western Australia medical school. The University’s state-of-the-art collaborative learning facility features 28 desks, 58 LCD screens, 108 laptops, 58 Mac Minis, 32 control panels, 30 Enova switchers and 3 iPads. In this advanced environment more than 170 students and lecturers learn from each other, share research, and collaborate easily. Students share six-person ‘pods’
in three teaching spaces. While each space is separate they can be seamlessly combined. The pods include two LCD displays that can connect a series of analog or digital sources. Each student can connect his or her image to the pod, to the room, or to all three teaching spaces, while the lecturer has total control over the whole system. The facility also features a lab with eight wall mounted displays and two large projection screens to accommodate live broadcasts of experiments. The video connections between the student pods and the lecturers’ stations are handled by AMX’s
HDBaseT-enable DXLink. In such a technology-rich environment, there was no room for extra equipment and cabling, which made HDBaseT an obvious choice for distribution.

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10x4 Matrix; AMX Enova DVX-3155