First Class Digital Learning


Details: A primary school in Hong Kong engaged into a major upgrade of its A/V multimedia system. The school required up to 1080p signal transmission across three floors from six different sources (both VGA and HDMI) to one website and 13 displays (both VGA and HDMI) across their campus. The solution would need to extend up to 60 meters across three floors and carry a diverse range of source content, including the headmaster’s addresses during assembly and other events (camera), school announcements (camera), experiments and science projects (digital overhead projector), and educational movies (DVD player). By employing Aten’s HDBaseT products, cabling and solution implementation was easier and more straightforward. Aten’s HDBaseT Class B extenders transmit stable and high-quality 1080p HDMI video over long distances via Cat6a cables. Plus, the HDBaseT anti–jamming technology prevents signal interference during video transmissions.

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VM1600 – 16 x16 Modular Matrix Switch
VM7514 – 4-Port HDBaseT Input Board
VM7804 – 4-Port HDMI Input Board
VM8514 – 4-Port HDBaseT Output Board
VM8804 – 4-Port HDMI Output Board
VE802 - HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Extender with POH (4K@40m)
VC180 - VGA/Audio to HDMI Converter
VC812 - HDMI to VGA/Audio Converter with Scaler