HDBaseT in the Service of Security


The needs of the military go beyond guns,ammunition, vehicles, and planes. On a day-to-day-basis,the military in any country handles classified and sensitive data, which often needs to be shared among officers and government officials. A tight communications infrastructure is essential to guarantee that no information ends up in the wrong hands. With this in mind, the Swedish Army recently upgraded its video communications infrastructure. The Swedish Army contracted Fibersystem, an innovative developer of fiber optic transmission equipment and IT
security products, to customize Sony’s HDBaseT-enabled 3LCD laser projector to be protected against leaking of electromagnetic emanations according to the TEMPEST standard (from NATO) and RÖS certification (Swedish standard). Electromagnetic emanations refer to radiation emitted by all electric devices. If such radiation is disclosed,there is a risk that information carried by it may leak to unauthorized persons. As an extra security measure, the power supply is filtered to prevent electronic snooping via the mains supply. The projector is equipped with and HDBaseT-over-fiber connection, which enables it to receive Full HD/4K video and uncompressed digital audio from up to 80km (50 miles) away, with no degradation in quality. The fiber optic cabling
provides a highly secure channel and avoids the potential emission of electro-magnetic waves that can occur over LAN cables.

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Fibersystem HDBaseT-enabled projector (based on Sony VPL-FHZ55 3LCD laser projector)