Multi-Zone Home


Distribution and transmission of audio & video sources throughout eleven different zones in the home, with centralized location for all equipment. Distances between zones and AV rack of up to 70m. Simplified and unified control of all zones and equipment, with an elegant and discreet look to align with the interior design of the home. Ultimate flexibility and reliability with high performance results. HDBaseT matrix allows for distribution of AV content throughout all zones in the house. HDBaseT brought simplicity and flexibility for this project, eliminating extra equipment, and allowing sources to be placed up to 70m away, for an elegant and clean look, without compromising on video or audio quality.

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WyreStorm 8x8 HDBaseT Matrix with S/PDIF Optical and Stereo Audio Outputs and 2 way IR (70m/230ft) (MX-0808-PP-AUD)
WyreStorm HDBaseT display receiver with 2-way IR and RS232 (RX-70-IR-PP )
Sky + HD boxes, Apple TV 2, Apple Mac Pro, Blu-ray player
Samsung 65” LED Smart 3D HD TVs
Samsung 32” LED Smart 3D HD TVs
Samsung 55” LED Smart 3D HD TV