HDBaseT Industrial: The Ultimate Solution for Industrial Computing Connectivity

In an industrial setting, connectivity is essential to guarantee faultless performance and control.  HDBaseT addresses all the major challenges for connectivity of the industrial PCs in the plant floor: distance limitations, cable quality and cost, complex installations, latency and interactivity.  HDBaseT enables the use of a single category cable to meet all of industrial PC requirements, offering video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB 2.0 and power over 100m/328ft.


HDBaseT supports daisy-chain installation for multi-display environments, and guarantees near-zero latency for superior performance.  The ability to use simple Cat6 cables guarantees compatibility with drag-chains, a must in industrial settings.  HDBaseT also offers the option of using fiber optic as a channel for even longer transmission distances, adding flexibility to the plant floor. Bi-directional USB allows for zero-client stations, and keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) functionality.  HDBaseT is also backwards-compatible with legacy infrastructure, protecting any sunk investment.