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Arts Complex

Once renovated as the Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel, the iconic Mivtachim Sanatorium building now boasts concert halls, amphitheaters, art galleries, bars and restaurants, in addition to guest rooms. The project addressed the AV needs in three main facilities within the complex: a concert hall, a performance venue (known as the “Cube”), and a main […]

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Sports Arena

AV and lighting control at the 21,000 sq.m. (226,000sq.ft.) sport arena, including three gymnasiums, seating areas for up to 5,500 spectators and several foyers, bars and restaurants. The HDBaseT-enabled switcher handles the live video system, PTZ cameras, the server that handles the digital signage, and a series of patch panels in the main halls and […]

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Movie Theater

Empire Cinemas operates 17 modern multiplex cinemas throughout the UK, servicing up to 350 people per theater. To create an immersive viewing experience, all 35 mm projectors were replaced with digital projectors, for sharper picture and 7.1 surround sound support.

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